Students and instructor from ICS 400 Class

Advanced Incident Command System for Complex Incidents (ICS-400) Training

January 25-26, 2024
KYEM Emergency Operation Center, Frankfort, KY

This 2-day course builds on ICS-300 and provides overall incident management skills rather than tactical expertise.

Advanced Incident Command System for Complex Incidents (ICS-400) is intended to serve as a vehicle to share proven incident management strategies and practices as well as to enhance teamwork and coordination among all response agencies’ officers directly responsible for emergency response to a incident. The course is specifically intended for those emergency response personnel who have duties that require that they be directly involved in incident management or command at either a “field” Incident Command Post (ICP) or in a City, County, or regional Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

“ICS-400 was beneficial to me in that it gave me the ability to see how a larger scale incident over multiple jurisdictions would be handled.” – Lieutenant Daniel Deaton, Richmond Police Department

IC-400 builds upon the fundamental principles of the Incident Command System (ICS). Participants gain a deeper understanding of how to manage complex incidents, including those with multiple jurisdictions or involving various agencies.

ICS-400 provides participants with the tools and knowledge to establish effective communication and coordination structures, leading to a more streamlined and efficient response to emergencies.

“By taking ICS-400, I gained the understanding of how ICS structure works and how it will benefit me in the future.” – Bethely Morton, Preparedness Planner, Lexington-Fayette County Health Department

ICS-400 emphasizes the importance of multi-agency collaboration, teaching participants how to integrate diverse resources and coordinate efforts across various jurisdictions.
Individuals taking ICS-400 gain the knowledge and confidence to assume leadership roles in complex incidents, fostering a cadre of trained professionals capable of guiding response efforts during challenging situations.

“ICS-400 helped open my eyes to many important aspects of emergency response and particularly the important work Area Commands can achieve.” – Dr. Charles K. Harris, In Service Training Supervisor, Kentucky Emergency Management

Twenty-three attendees from fourteen different responder agencies in Kentucky completed the three-day course which was broken down into six units and included multiple activities throughout.

All attendees were required to successfully complete Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents (ICS-300) before being admitted into this course.

All students had to successfully complete a final exam and score 75% or better to receive a certificate. All students were given multiple job aids, checklists, and reference guides for future use. Kentucky Responder Agency participants included:

• Bath County Emergency Management
• Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP)
• Civil Air Patrol
• CSX Transportation
• Fern Creek Fire Department – Louisville
• Kentucky Army National Guard (KYNG)
• Kentucky Department of Agriculture
• Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM)
• Lexington Fire Department
• Lexington-Fayette County Health Department
• Owen County Emergency Management
• Richmond Police Department
• Scott County Emergency Management
• University of Kentucky